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American Heritage PB (Perry Beckett)

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Hi I am Perry, I debated for AHS in South Florida from 2016-2020, I was decently successful as a debater-winning Blue Key, Valley, and getting to semis of the TOC.If you have questions about any of the stuff here feel free to message me on Facebook.

As a general note, the quality of prep gets infinitely better near the end of my junior year. IE I kinda sucked at debate at the beginning of that year, and a lot of the early stuff isnt great.

I also omitted frontlines, because you should be familiar with the position you are reading yourself, and just reading others.

Positions that were primarily written with or by other people, are also not here because I dont feel like I have a right to put other peoples prep up. I disclosed open source my senior year, so if you want something it should be up on the wiki.

Ignore the weird doc names later on, I was trying to make it standardized and the site crashed.

Senior year wiki: Aff: https://hsld.debatecoaches.org/American%20Heritage%20Plantation/Beckett%20Aff Neg: https://hsld.debatecoaches.org/American%20Heritage%20Plantation/Beckett%20Neg

Junior year wiki: Aff: https://hsld18.debatecoaches.org/American%20Heritage%20Plantation/Beckett%20Aff Neg: https://hsld18.debatecoaches.org/American%20Heritage%20Plantation/Beckett%20Neg

Sept-Octo 2018 Confidential Sources

SO Agonism AC.docx This was my primary aff on the topic, but honestly it was kinda bad, they might be some useful cards/args in it tho

SO Levinas AC.docx

This was my first foray into Levinas, and if the last aff was bad this one was actually terrible. The later Levinas aff is much better/coherent.

SO Particularism NC.docx

Never read this, but it was ok.

(PB) SO - NC- Reciprical Relationality.docx

This NC was kinda bad, but the framework has potential and I wrote a better version of it later on.

Matrix NC.docx

This shit was really funny, but I never got to read it

NC - Essentialism.docx

This NC was prolly one of, if not my favorite neg position I cut. It was super fun and pretty good tbh.


Idk why I cut so many PICS for this topic, but I did

Nov-Dec 2018 Right to know

Real Kavenaugh AC.docx

This was pretty much the stock sexual assault/SV aff on the topic. Never ended up reading it.

RK Kant AC.docx

Read this pretty much every aff round of the topic

(PB)-ND- NC- Levinas.docx

Never read it and it kinda sucked

PRK Kant NC.docx

Read this pretty much every neg round

(PB) - ND- Pansychism.docx

Despite the fact I didnt know how to spell Panpsychism, this NC was pretty good and I primarily read it against means based Phil Affs.

(PB) - ND - Rights NC.docx

This was a pretty good, short, NIB, even if it didnt have a warrant.

(PB) - ND - Ryle NC.docx

This NC was straight up incoherent, but probably negated.

Jan-Feb 2019 Military Aid

Abjection Ableism AC.docx

Read this about 1/2 of aff rounds and would usually go for impact turns

MA - Democracy AC.docx

I wrote this aff in 15 mins at 1am and it really shows. It sucks, and was never read.

Functions AC.docx

Read this once, it was a pretty cancerous tricks aff.

(PB) JF Constitution AC.docx

I read this twice, and it was meh. Not great tbh.

MA - Agonism AC.docx

Another burner aff, it was kinda fun to write though.

(PB) MA - Saudi Oil Prices DA.docx

Read and won on this once, it was pretty good

(PB) MA - Djibouti DA.docx

This DA was ok, but saying Djibouti was funny

MA A2 Plan Affs.docx

Case file I read vs common plans.

PB-Contracts NC.docx

Read this NC at Harvard, its kinda bad

(PB) NC - Commonplaces.docx

Read this once, interesting but not great.

(PB) Determinism NC.docx

Never read it, but was pretty fun.

(PB) JF - NC - Falsifiability.docx

Read this a few times, its basically just epistemic skep but weirder.

March-April 2019 Drugs

MA19 - Burden AC.docx Never got to read it, but was one of my favorite affs to write.


This plan was extra T, but pretty decent.

PH - Pregnancy AC.docx

This plan was pretty short, and just objectively true.

(PB) Doping PIC.docx

This PIC was hysterical and didnt lose a round.

(PB) Adict PIC.docx

Terrible word PIC and proof I dont know how to spell.

Sep-Octo 2019 Standardized Tests

(PB) ST - Womxn in STEM AC.docx

Pretty decent plan I cut, but was never confident enough in my LARP skills to read


The OG Levinas Aff, I read this pretty much every round. The first part of the offense was a contingent standard.

Intuitions NC.docx

Read this a fair amount of neg rounds

ST- Indirect Obligations NC.docx

Kinda Memey Tricks NC. Never read it.


Pettit NC Scopa cut that I read a decent amount.

ST - NHRP PIC.docx

Read this at Yale and it turned out pretty well.


Another Scopa product I read a decent amount.

Nov-Dec 2019 Fossil Fuel Subsidies

(PB) FF - Libertarianism AC.docx

Never broken or finished but had potential

(PB) FF - Clean Coal AC.docx

Read this pretty much every aff round on the topic.

(PB) FF - Agamben AC.docx

Another unfinished aff that could have been good if nov dec wasnt so short.

(PB) FF - Eliminatory Determinism NC.docx

Kinda memey tricks NC I never read.

(PB) FF -Antinatalism NC.docx

Kinda sad I never read this because it was kind of cool.

Goats CP.docx

Funny advantage CP

Jan-Feb 2020 Nukes

(PB) NU - Buber AC.docx

Never broken, it was the updated version of the reciprocal relations stuff.

(PB) NU - Contracts AC.docx

Read R4 of the TOC vs Evan

Turkey Nukes AC.docx

Unbroken plan aff for the TOC and Harvard

(PB) NU - Vattimo AC.docx

Random K aff I read a few times

TOC R5.docx

Existentialism Aff I mainly read vs Antiblackness Debaters

JF levinas example.docx

The full file got deleted when I spilled water on my computer doing TOC, but it was pretty much the same as the SO Levinas aff. This speech doc just has the new offense + two extra reasons to prefer I added.

TOC R2.docx

Another causality of the TOC computer disaster, this aff originally had a lot more in the file, but this is sorta the base of it.

(PB) NU - Moral Patients NC.docx

Never broke this NC but it was pretty cool tbh

Circuit Debater Rawls.docx

Read this a good amount of neg rounds.

TOC Action theory.docx Rodl NC Scopa wrote

Plato CD.docx

Plato NC Scopa wrote that I read a lot.

March-April 2020 Predictive Policing I didnt debate this topic, I just wrote this aff for friends. (PB) PP - Retributive Justice AC.docx