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Hey -

I parsed through this wiki a lot when I first started debating my sophomore year just to see how cases were structured and how people organized files, and it really helped me a lot. Feel free to message me on FB (Viren Abhyankar) or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. I put my initials on cards I cut junior year but stopped senior year. I also did indented cards junior year but stopped senior year. Lastly, the files from junior year are in different colors since I didn't know what unihighlight was back then (cool function for aesthetics). Some cards/files were cut by teammates Karthik Krishnan and Daniel Luo.

Our affs were always specific plans with either structural violence or big stick impacts. On the neg, the 2 Ks I went for were afropess and cap. Most of the disads we read were politics (midterms and courts/states was a large part of our strategy in JF 2018 plea bargaining and SO 2018 reporter's privilege). JF 2019 military aid was when I mostly went for core topic prep. I started open-sourcing JF 2019.

You can take a look at the files below to see the progression of my organization. It changed a lot and it was mostly just for whatever I was feeling for that topic/month

Here are the links to my wiki: https://hsld17.debatecoaches.org/Northwood/Abhyankar%20Aff




The neg pages have cite entry labeled similarly to "JANFEB - 2NRs" - these detail the position(s) I went for in every neg debate.

Hope this helps, Viren

S/O - 2017 - National Service

N/D - 2017 - Development Assistance

J/F - 2018 - Plea Bargaining

  • CD - AC - Noncitizens.docx - Main aff throughout the topic. Changed the plantext a few times to meet T interps.
  • CD - AC - Ad Hoc.docx - Thought this aff was not going to be strategic because it violated the best T argument on the topic (T-conditions). This was how my early research was organized. I was researching the police aff as well but decided against reading it.
  • CD - DA - Midterms.docx - Most cards were cut by Daniel. I cut all the LD specific stuff (thumpers, links, dv 1ar, ghill 1ar). Core strategy
  • CD - CP - States.docx - Also cut by Daniel mostly.
  • CD - CP - Flynn.docx - Went for this terrible PIC a lot because people would only impact turn impeachment.

S/O - 2018 - Reporters Privilege

J/F - 2019 - Military Aid

  • not letting me upload our Cameroon aff but the structure was very similar to the Azerbaijan aff. We stopped reading it after the US cut military aid to Cameroon
  • CD - AC - Azerbaijan.docx - I cut this the night before Stanford but did not have to break it until Berkeley. Really liked cutting this aff. A lot of my career aff prep was probably considered "fringe plans" but I thought those were the most fun to research and they were still within the scope of the topic.
  • CD - TOC - Saudi.docx - Prep for the TOC was structured by country. This file includes new counterplans, updates to the Iran disad, and an unbroken Indo-Pak relations disad (gave it to Hunter MN).
  • CD - T - Military Aid.docx - Radically different structure for our T debates than before.