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Hi! I'm Avyuk and I debated from 2016-2020. I found Circuit Debater to be a really valuable resource while I was debating and hope I can give back by posting some of my positions. I've only posted stuff I thought was unique or interesting not stock stuff or generics that everyone reads. If you have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected]

Jan-Feb 2020:

CD 1AC - Asianfail.docx

Read this aff at Harvard and thought it was pretty cool and unique.

CD 1AC - Whole Res.docx

Started writing this aff for TOC but never got to break it :(

CD K - Empire.docx

My favorite K because it had some many cool tricks and nuances to utilize on the topic

CD PIC - Asteroids.docx

Go to position against every whole res aff

CD Indo-Pak Case Neg.docx

Couple of interesting unbroken positions against IndoPak -- not sure how legit they are though

Nov-Dec 2020:

CD 1AC - Bonding.docx

Dope LARP aff -- only got to read it once but it deserved to be read way more

CD PIC - AMRF.docx

This PIC is goated I won like 5 straight rounds on it

Sept-Oct 2020:

CD SO 1AC - Whole Res.docx

Best aff I've ever written -- always caught people off guard with it