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Millburn WH (Wesley Hu)

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Hey everyone! I debated on the national circuit for Millburn High School from 2013-2016. I've uploaded some broken and unbroken positions, all of which I've written and/or cut/recut the entirety of myself (I didn't feel comfortable disclosing the work of others who were kind enough to share prep with me). Please feel free to message me on facebook or email me at [email protected] with any questions about these arguments or others I read.

Whatever you do, always remember to have fun, and enjoy the company of the people in debate. They're wonderful.



JANFEB Adolescents AC.docx

JANFEB Kant AC.docx

JANFEB smith % 26 wesson aff.docx


JANFEB Kant NC.docx

JANFEB Rousseau NC.docx

JANFEB Cap K.docx

JANFEB geneology K.docx

JANFEB spec bad T.docx

JANFEB case neg to ban handguns for white people.docx

JANFEB case neg to virtue ethics.docx

JANFEB generic turn file.docx



NOVDEC Kant AC.docx

NOVDEC Constitution AC.docx

NOVDEC Fem AC.docx

NOVDEC may not read a repeal CP.docx


NOVDEC Kant NC.docx

NOVDEC democratic checks NC.docx

NOVDEC prosecutorial nullification CP.docx

NOVDEC case neg to constitutionality.docx

NOVDEC spec bad theory.docx

NOVDEC may not defend informing the jury T.docx

NOVDEC must defend informing the jury T.docx



SEPOCT Kant AC.docx

SEPOCT Sleep AC.docx

SEPOCT Function AC.docx

SEPOCT Fem AC.docx


SEPOCT Kant NC.docx

SEPOCT Export Import DA.docx

SEPOCT Veggie CP.docx

Anorexia PIC

SEPOCT Trans K.docx

SEPOCT case neg to IPV.docx

SEPOCT illness or injury T.docx

SEPOCT dietary choices theory.docx


THEORY toc file.docx

THEORY no new 2NR answers to AC theory.docx

Lawrence and Dua K.docx

Emily Massey and Eric Palmer card file.docx

Fairness first.docx