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Hi! I'm Matt. I debated for Appleton East and I qualified and broke at the TOC as a senior. I'll upload files with arguments that I commonly read this year (noted: files from later in the year are files I'm more proud of). As a small-school Wisconsin debater who didn't have access to many circuit resources, circuitdebater helped me learn how people formatted files and what arguments were essential to have in certain files. I omitted most generic stuff because I don't want this to just be a copy/paste hub. If you need anything that was omitted, have any questions whatsoever, or need any help, feel free to message me on Facebook (Matt Moorhead) or email me ([email protected]) and I'd be happy to help in whatever way I can! Happy debating!


K - Weheliye.docx

Habeas Viscus/Weheliye was my most given 2NR the first half of my senior year. Special shoutout to Katherine Fennell for forcing me to read the book over summer and providing tons of insight/advice.


Saudi Arabia AC.docx

The Saudi Arabia AC was unquestionably my favorite aff I've ever wrote. I put a ton of time into it given this was my only aff on JanFeb and it was for the TOC/NDCA topic. We started cutting it 2 days after the topic came out and ran it all the way from Blake to the TOC.

JANFEB19 - Disads and Case.docx

These are all the disads and case offense we had cut for JanFeb, although lots was not broken. We had individual-file case negs for some big affs, but this was 95% of everything. My favorite 2NRs were on the terror da, infrastructure ptx da, or the democracy da for lay tournaments.

JANFEB19 - Counterplans.docx

These are all the counterplans we cut for JanFeb. Again, lots of this was not broken and a lot of case-specific counterplans were in individual case neg files. My favorite 2NRs were on the demining pic, the NMS cp, or the counterterror pic.

JANFEB19 - T and Theory.docx

Pretty self explanatory. I didn't go for T against policy affs on JanFeb, but I usually read at least 1 shell in the 1NC as time-sucks, whoops.


Transparency AC.docx

I decided to keep the surveillance vibe and basically read the same aff as I did Sep/Oct. This was the aff I read all of this terrible topic.


Countersurveillance AC.docx

This was the aff I read all topic. The file also has an unbroken Russia AC for Valley elims (sorry Shahab).