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Hi folks! Circuitdebater helped me a lot when I was younger and trying to learn how to write cases and research, so I am happy to be able to help others. If there's something not here that you know I read or if any of the arguments are confusing, feel free to email me ([email protected]) or message me on facebook. Here is most of the stuff I read this year (I'll continue updating):

Jan Feb - Free Speech

I read this aff the entire topic.

Read this a couple of neg rounds

Nov/Dec - Qualified Immunity
Read this all topic

Sept/Oct - Nuclear Power
I read this aff the majority of Sept/Oct

I read this aff at the beginning of Sept/Oct

Read this like 90% of neg rounds
Read this a decent amount, usually against non T identity affs
Read this a couple times
Never broke this
Didn't read this much