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Hi I'm Wiley Kohler, I'm a junior at South Eugene High School. I qualled to the TOC this year but didn't actually go. I always thought this was a useful resource but really I'm putting this here because of my desire to be perceived. I also opensourced pretty much everything I read (without highlighting) on my wiki. Not very much of what I read is on here because the South Eugene Dropbox is extremely chaotically organized and I'm only uploading actually complete files--thats why there's not a single DA or CP on here despite the fact that they comprised probably about 2/3 of my 2NRs. I hope someone finds these helpful!




Heidegger Aff Masterfile.docx This was a sort of meh K aff. I mostly wrote the blocks and highlighted cards but didn't really cut anything myself for it.


Heidegger K.docx Basically the same as the aff. The only real strategic value of this was that everyone thought it was neolib and then it wasn't.



My computer won't let me upload the main aff I read on this topic but it was super uninteresting anyway so I'm not gonna put in extra effort to resolve the issue.

Carbon Tax Aff Masterfile.docx This was written for outrounds at Damus (got me my first bid). I kept stealing and breaking new advantages for it from the college wiki from the climate policy topic. I personally believe it was T, but admittedly T was the only thing it ever lost to.

Colebrook Aff Masterfile.docx This aff was extremely subpar but I read it once just for kicks and had fun. It's really a Deleuze aff but as soon as the neg starts to figure that out you completely explain it to get out of any links.


Digital Mirrors K.docx If you asked me what K this was I would not be able to tell you. There are probably at least 5 different pomo theories in here and the lines between them are very blurry. The one in the main heading called "Mimesis K" is probably the most coherent and the thesis is mainly Girard/Nietzsche. 2NRs I gave on this were almost always on the Girard/Mimesis stuff.

T - Framework.docx I always liked this framework shell. Its pretty heavy on the defensive side and written like framework shells that I've had trouble responding to when reading K affs. Usually at least one piece of defense would get comedically undercovered and the 2nr would be about a minute of explaining why that defense would win me the round and they didn't get new offense on it, 3 or so minutes of one of the pieces of offense, and then 2 minutes of case. The 2nr would usually be mostly extemped (as can be seen from the file) because most of the time the wording and arguments in the 2nr would be pretty contextual to the round.



NATO Aff Masterfile.docx I absolutely loved everything about this aff. It's pretty IR heavy and the main reason it won rounds was because I knew way more about it than the neg and could get away with make everything they said sound ludicrous. The Varriale card really contains the bulk of the important stuff in the 1AC but I always thought having that massive Kuhn card was extremely funny because it would throw people off and because of the extreme detail with which it describes the impact scenario and because it was an impact card that talked about scenario planning.


Bataille K.docx I only read this once because I realized it was so complicated that I would never be able to explain it and still have time to win the round.

The vast majority of the neg stuff I read on this topic was thrown together minutes before the round and wasn't prepped out all save a few rewritten overviews. I read a LOT of offense on case and probably went for case turns in 1/3 of my neg rounds, and most of those cards had no real place to live and just floated around in my Dropbox :(