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PCDS PW (Parker Whitfill)

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Hey, I found this wiki super helpful when I was learning debate, and I've been looking forward to posting on here for a long time. Y'all are free to do what you want with the cards in here, although I'd highly recommend you recut them rather than just lift them. If you have any questions about the positions feel free to message me on FB!


My main aff throughout the topic.
Read R5 of TOC- was planning on read it more at TOC, just didn't have the chance (frontlines past DA's were the same as Patriotic Correctness)
Read R1 of TOC

My favorite 2nr
Our main DA at TOC (Frontlines included)
I wasn't a huge fan of most NC's on this topic, but I thought this was decent.
basically stopped reading this by TOC because it wasn't a true argument
This newest version was unbroken, but I read components from this file all topic