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New Trier LK (Louie Kollar)

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Hey, here's some of the stuff I read during my senior year. I debated mostly util or consequentialist oppression arguments. I took a lot of stuff from other people's pages when I was debating so you should feel free to do the same with mine.

Jan/Feb (Handgun Ban)


Cartels AC (Emory, Berkley and NDCA)

Cartels AC Frontlines

Hospital Guards AC (TOC)

Hospital Guards Frontlines


Fifty Nifty CP (Throughout the topic)

License CP (Blake)

USFG CP (Unbroken)

Constitution DA (Broken but not by me)

Court Clog DA (TOC R4)

Elections DA (All TOC rounds)

Federalism DA (Throughout the topic)

Garland PTX DA (All NDCA rounds)

Hezbollah DA (Blake Octas)

Econ DA (Emory R3)

Prison Overcrowding DA (TOC R4)

Tax DA (NDCA R4)

Death Cult K (Blake Octas)

Schools Bad K (Berkley R1)

ASPEC (Blake R1)

T-Ban (NDCA R1 and R5)

T-Star Wars (Unbroken)

Militarism Case Stuff (Unbroken)

Nov/Dec (Jury Nullification)


War On Drugs AC (Every round of the topic, probably the best AFF I've ever written)

War On Drugs Util AC (Unbroken)


State CP (Unbroken)

Hate Crimes PIC (Unbroken)

Cartel DA (Unbroken)

Rule Of Law DA (GBX Round 1 and 5)

Crime DA (GBX Round 5)

Arbitrariness NC (Unbroken)

Contractualism NC (Broken but not by me)

T- State Actor (Every round at GBX)

Sept/Oct (Adolescent Medical Decisions)


Contraceptives AC (All of the topic)

Nail bomb AC (Unbroken)

Parables AC (Unbroken)


Anthro K (All Neg Rounds)

Court Spilover DA (Unbroken)

Trust DA (Unbroken)

Compulsory Immunization PIC (Unbroken)

Contractarianism NC (Unbroken)