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Mountain House IV (Immanuel Victor)

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Hey y'all! Found this resource to be really helpful to me when I started on the circuit so I wanted to give back to the community and provide the same help I was given. I debated as an independent small school debater from Mountain House High School for 4 years, one of those years being on the National Circuit. I did alright, cleared at a couple of bid tournaments. Please feel free to DM me on FB or Discord if y'all have any questions abt cases/strategies I went for. I'm open-sourcing frontlines and whatnot for all my case positions, but be warned. Just having the prep isn't enough: you have to know how to use it and understand it to be effective.

September/October 2019 Rawls Plan AC.docx This was the aff I read across the entire topic. Loved it and thought the framework really lended itself to the topic/plan text.

Agamben AC.docx Unbroken - practiced with it a lot tho. I'd recommend looking at this aff if you're interested in kritikal affs.

Set Col Standardized Testing v3.docx Go-to neg strat against a policy aff - used it as a floating pik sometimes too lol

January/February 2020 JanFeb Israel V2 Aff.docx Read this the entire topic - had some really cool argument interactions

JanFeb US China V2 Aff.docx Unbroken - thanks to Kentuck BT for kickstarting the idea and MBA BM for giving me the idea for the Taiwan advantage scenario.

Case Neg v DebateDrills IndoPak Aff V2.docx Generic Case Neg against a common aff. I was really proud of the Phil NC on the top of the NC, never lost on it and pairs up really well with truth-testing (for all those tricky debaters out there)

JanFeb Kant NC File.docx Loved going for this, made rounds on the west coast much easier lol.