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Below are the cases I read throughout the topic and a few positions that I planned to break in TOC elims, but never got the chance to. Most of this stuff is topic specific, and I'd recommend not directly lifting anything. The original framework and theory arguments took a while to think through and write, and for anybody planning to use similar arguments, I'd recommend going through the same process of developing your own arguments so that you have a full comprehension of them.

I'm happy to answer any questions about the arguments uploaded below at [email protected]

Note- some of the cards here might be unformatted, I'm not sure why it uploaded that way.

(Read at Blake and VBT)
(Read at Harvard, Penn RR, and TOC)
(Read at Emory, Harvard, Penn RR, and TOC)

(Read at VBT, Harvard, TOC)
(Read all topic)
(Read at Harvard)
(Read at VBT, Harvard and Penn RR)
(Unbroken Version)
(Unbroken, would have been read in conjunction with the Under 25 PIC)
(Read throughout topic)
(Read at Harvard)