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Hi everybody! My name is Ayush and I debated for Granada Hills Charter for 3 years. I did circuit for 1 year and I want to give back to the community. I was mainly a phil and tricks debater on the west coast lmao and I enjoyed trolling larpers. Here is some of the stuff I read! Also if you wanna be a trick debater on the west coast contact me. I'll help you with reverse preffing or something [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]]

I will post all my stuff when the season ends. There is a bunch of juicy stuff in here.


JF-ILAW AC.docx Hahaha ILAW. Such a funny aff, I read this for most of jan feb. Read it all of peninsula and most of HWL. Really funny aff and the UV is stacked with hella args. Usually I don't collapse to ILAW in the 2ar, but if I do, I would read epistemic modesty and say the case outweighs b/c violations are infinitely bad- it's in the 1ar stuff. This aff also has hella skep triggers and some funny warrants. It worked well but not as well as I hoped but I'm also on the west coast so it's a rip. 1AR stuff was written by me. Credit to Ryan Factora from West Ranch for the original aff.

JF-NCM AC.docxI read this 2 rounds. once was in doubles of Jack Howe (it was an older more confusing version, Won on the flow but got out ethos rip). This version uploaded is what I read R6 of HWL. Only broke it once, but it's so funny. It interacts well with most NC's and like the analytic warrants are comedy. I got original aff from Perry from Heritage, but I wrote out the analytic warrants and stuff and ordering. Also same UV as the ILAW aff. I won that round on the K-links spike (LOL)and a presumption trigger (if contradictions are good, that means you can't use it as a sign of falsity in a theory, so the aff and the k are true so it triggers presumption vote aff) SO GOOD. This was one of my favorite aff'. 1AR stuff was written by me

I also Read a Kant aff, but it wasn't good and wasn't worth sharing. It's on my wiki but the 1ar stuff was booty.

Read the Non naturalism aff on my wiki for Stanford and literally nobody could respond to it. It's on my wiki OS w/o analytics b/c I didn't cut the aff so I won't upload it. But damn that aff was fun af to read and K judges loved the aff.


JF-Subjective Idealism NC.docx This was by far my favorite NC to read. I'm 8-1 with this NC (low-key should be 9-0 but oh well) It can and will work on any topic. It's just so obscure people don't know how to respond to it. It will also respond to non-T aff. The trick with this NC is to pair it with truth testing, but if you are losing that flow, the 2NR overview is written out so that you can go for it as an epistemology indict that negates absent a ROTB b/c 10/10 they conceded epistemology first MUAHAHAHA. If you do decide to read this NC, I highly suggest you read the Ellis article in the NC because you wanna be able to explain this in cross. It was my trap card against any aff. Use it responsibly haha.

JF-Truth Testing NC.docx The best role of the ballot. Let's be real. Was a charmer, I wrote out all the extension but it could be better, but this is what I read. I suggest you drill out comparative world answers so you don't have to waste prep using the answers here.

JF Benatar K.docx LOVE BENATAR. So strategic. I didn't larp or do topic prep so I didn't know how to link turn most affs and stuff like that. So you pull out this bad boy and impact turn the aff and it's ggs. You don't have to interact on case. A as I saw extinction I threw this in the speech doc. Spent maybe 10 seconds on case in the 1NC? 2NR was a NC and Benatar. It's fire because you just gotta prep out this one file and you can beat any extinction aff under UTIL on an impact turn. They will have to read generic answers and they won't get to use their frontlines. ALSO DO NOT DOUBLE TURN YOURSELF MY GOD LOL. I've won on this NC quite a bit, but also messed up sometimes. Oveerall really good time investment. I say you should cut this down to 2 cards as an impact turn and spread it on case.

JF-Monism NC.docx Pretty comedic NC. Easy to respond to if you have any knowledge of calculus. But I've read this twice in my career. Once on Military aid jan feb and once at peninsula. Works well against the K, again upLAYER with the metaphysics card and preclude the aff.

JF-Skep NC.docx Been meaning to break it but never did. I read skep at states against a trad kid and that's about it (I broke at CHSSA on it LMFAO). I never read it because well it's the west coast. I also like reading the weird Phil NC's because [1] they have skep triggers in it so if I really wanna go for it I can [2] everybody has generic answers to skep they can blitz in the 1ar, but who has responses to subjective idealism LMFAO. My trick was making sure these kids got off the script haha.

JF-Unger NC.docxLOL I cut this NC by myself but I never broke it. Lokis wager prolly answers it but like if someone wants to break it be my guest. Idk if I finished the 2nr for it, but you can use the other NC's as a guide for weighing and stuff like that in the 2nr. Also getting a west coast judge to buy immaterialism, is mucho hard.

JF-Falsifiability NC.docx HOLY hell I love this NC, was a super quick nib that I could go for if dropped. I only really collapsed to it for 2 rounds. Once at Peninsula and Once at HWl. NC was dropped both times completely (second judge didn't get it so he didn't pick it up, but like I def won on it). NC was also taken from Perry from Heritage. Check his wiki he has hella funny stuff.

JF-Baudrillard K.docx LOL Baudy skep, went for it one time and won on it against a reparations aff