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Cy-Fair CM (Cameron McConway

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Hi! I debated for a public high school in Houston, TX with a relatively new LD program and found this page really helpful as a young debater, so I hope this contribution will be equally helpful to you. I'm only uploading things here that were exclusively mine, which doesn't include my TOC prep as it was done with my private coach as well as the Dulles HS team, but everything I read throughout my junior and senior years are disclosed on the NDCA wiki. As a lot of the positions on here were personal and important to me, I would appreciate if they were not recycled, but of course feel free to recut cards or use articles. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and good luck! -Cameron

Sept/Oct 2015: Affs:

Narrative Mental Health.docx

Nov/Dec 2015: Affs

Judge Nullification AC.docx

Salem Witch Trials AC.docx

Lilith AC.docx


Sexual Assualt PIC.docx

TFA State 2016: Affs:

Bedouin Aff.docx