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Hi! I'm T.J. I debated as an independent from 2018-2020 (I got started my junior year and was god-awful for a year). Circuit debater was a helpful resource for me as a debater so I thought I'd contribute. I've posted stuff that I think is unique or interesting.

JanFeb 2020[edit]

1AC - Hegel.docx

Planning to read at TOC but corona do be like that. Unique/strategic framework that not a lot of people read.

1AC - Levinas.docx

Love the Levinas framework and specifically designed it to takeout both util and Kant, the most common of NCs. Also didn't get to read it except at someone online tournaments (for example, the classic BARS Lex invite).

DA - Energy.docx

Solid impact and unique link scenario, my favorite LARP position on the topic (yes I did LARP and not just read an NC or trigger permissibility every round).

PIC - Waste.docx

Used this against setcol affs, thought it was kinda cool.

Theory - Germany Corona Shell.docx

Shoutout to the Gridiron Chopper for the idea. I read this during online practice tourneys during corona and won like 6 rounds off it, and for me it really highlighted that tech/drills > prep. You can pick up dubs on GARBAGE args if you're tech, and that comes from drilling.

NovDec 2019[edit]

1AC - Bonding.docx

Pretty unique LARP aff, only got to break it once but it deserved more.

PIC - AML.docx

Love abandoned mine line grant fund, dope fossil fuel subsidy and a PIC no one knew how to answer.

PIC - SPR.docx

Also a useful PIC, especially against the militarism aff that lots of people read.

SeptOct 2019[edit]

1AC - Fanon.docx

Unique plan under a cool framework, never got to compete on SeptOct but had some fire practice rounds with it.

JanFeb 2019[edit]

1AC - Azerbaijan.docx

Felt really lucky to have found a plan aff that most people weren't reading, it deserved better than my meager debate skills as a junior.

1AC - Locke.docx

Not a common framework anymore, also pretty short and served to satisfy my budding desire to read tricks (lots of room for a spicy underview). #noneganalytics #tacitballotconditional #contradictions affirm

SeptOct 2018[edit]

1AC - EOC.docx

Unique framework that people don't typically read paired with a strategic plan, also deserved better than my terrible debating as a junior (this aff defends the topic and I inexplicably lost to T - Framework; not Nebel, T - Framework).