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Brentwood KR (Katie Raphaelson)

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Hi friends! I'm Katie and I debated for Brentwood High School for 4 years. I gained a total of 0 career bids after getting to two bid rounds my senior year, qualified to and placed as a quarterfinalist at the California State Championships, and qualified to NSDA nationals my senior year. I didn't really start figuring out what I liked about debate until my junior year when I started reading ableism Ks almost every round.

This page has been very helpful to me my entire career especially when I was still coming into my own regarding my argumentative preferences. I made a lot of jokes about how I wasn't the most traditionally "successful" debater, especially compared to my super amazing teammates (look at their pages if you want real and good debate arguments), but I did my best to use this space as a place for advocacy and, above all, a place to foster wholesome discourse <3

AnyWAyS here are some of my more "iconic" cases that I read my senior year, as well as some more K files that I took from a lot. A lot of them included a personal narrative, and that was very important to me. I am not going to include them or the poems I read, because they were very personal to me and it would make me feel uncomfy to have other people reading my poetry in round:)))

SEPT/OCT- REPORTERS Whats the Buzz AC.docx

Control Societies K.docx

JAN/FEB- MILITARY AID Police are Ableist AC.docx

NON T Queercrip AC.docx Witchcraft AC.docx Sick Woman Theory AC.docx