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Walt Whitman DI (Daniel Imas)

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NOTE: We are only putting up cases after long conversations with each other regarding the possibility of parts of these cases being taken. More than once this year, our cases have been taken almost word-for-word from the other Wiki, so it is only out of a desire to improve the resources available to younger and less privileged debaters that we are posting the cases that we have used throughout the topic. Although we know that we have no way of enforcing this, we ask out of respect for the activity and work put in by all of us in the activity that cards not be taken directly from the cases posted (save entire cases or frameworks). All of the cites posted lead to incredibly educational articles and books; at very least, if you do take arguments from the cases posted, please go back and read the works yourself so that this doesn't contribute to lower quality debates in the future.

-Daniel, Marshall, and Alex


(Run in TOC prelims)
(Run in TOC prelims)
(Never finished, but a possibility for Whitman MT in outrounds)
(Run by Whitman MT vs. University MF in Quarters)
(In the box at TOC, never broken)
(Run at TOC, Whitman MT vs. Berkeley Carroll DS in Octas)
(Run in TOC prelims)
(Run by Whitman DI vs. Needham NL in Quarters)
(Run from VBT until TOC Prelims)
(Run throughout the topic and TOC prelims)
(Run from Blake and throughout the topic, but not TOC)
(Run throughout the topic)
(Run by Whitman DI vs. Indian Springs JL in Semis)
(Run throughout prelims, Whitman AZ vs. University MF in the run-off round)

(This was run with old cases in early prelims)

NCs (It's possible this isn't all of them, since I might not be able to find some on my computer. Also, besides those run in outrounds, I don't know when the other NCs were run):

(Run in the run off by Whitman DI vs. Harvard-Westlake BSK and by Whitman MT vs. Harvard-Westlake MC)
(Run by Whitman DI vs. Harvard-Westlake JS in Octas)