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I used this site a good deal in high school, so I posted anything that I thought could be useful. For previous topics, see my wiki page here.

TOC Rounds

These docs have everything I read off paper for each round

Aff v Loyola

Neg v Apple Valley

Neg v Palo Alto

Aff v Carpe Diem

Aff v Bainbridge

Neg v Walt Whitman

Neg v Hockaday


I read the TOC R5 AC in all prelims earlier in the topic.

Suicide AC (unbroken)

Double Loss AC (State tournament round 5)

Epistemology AC (Emory Octos/Qtrs)

Korsgaard AC (unbroken)

Lay Self Defense AC (State Elims)

Util AC (Sunvite Doubles)


I read the counter-plan and DA from the TOC R3 doc in most neg prelims earlier in this topic.

Evolution NC (State Quarters)

Rawls NC (1 Emory prelim)

Consult Jesus NC (A lot more prelims than this case deserved)

Intersectionality K (1 Emory Prelim)

Deontology NC (1 Sunvite prelim, locals)

Restraining Order CP (1 Sunvite prelim)

Domination CP (unbroken)

Speaking for Others K (unbroken)