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Scarsdale ZS

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Hi, I'm Zach. I'm a junior debating for Scarsdale High School. I've bid to the TOC and developed this wiki. As the Scarsdale team worked together to develop many positions, I just posted what I most directly worked on. Feel free to contact me on Facebook with any questions!

January-February 2020


CD20 - AC - IndoPak.docx

Yes, a lot of the cards in this aff were taken from other people, but I spent many hours frontlining it and cutting cards on my own. Too bad I never read it at TOC.

CD20 - AC - Existentialism.docx

I read this aff all rounds at TOC. Lots of fun. I also included different versions of the aff based on the anticipated style of my opponent.


CD20 - NC - Rawls.docx

This NC I also read a decent amount at TOC. My favorite strat was to go NC AC (which I think is strategic in general). It also includes a nice brief section explaining what constitutes the original position.

November-December 2019


CDND19AC Coal.docx

September-October 2019


CDSO19AC Policy.docx

CDSO19AC Existentialism.docx


CDSO19NC Hobbes.docx