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Scarsdale RG (Rahul Gosain)

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Michael and I ended up reading different affs at TOC, but the other person’s affs were always “in the box.” The rest of our prep was the same, so take a look at his wiki. I disclosed the stuff I read personally, though the links to the AI DA, UBI CP and theory files are identical to what he posted.

Contact me if there's anything I didn't put up/forgot about that you're interested in - we had prepouts to a ton of affs and actually did a fair amount of prep for TOC.

My files tended to include headers without anything under them as todo items - I deleted most of them before posting but sometimes forgot to update the table of contents. Just be aware of that.

Feel free to take cards from anything here.

Contractors Rule Util AC (Every aff round before TOC)
Tipped Workers AC (Variant read R4, Octas)
Fichte AC (TOC R1, TOC R6)

UBI CP Answers (TOC R1)
EITC CP Answers
Wage Subsidies CP Answers

Levinas NC
Property Rights NC

Security K v Islamophobia (TOC R2)
Genealogy K

AT Generic Econ/Poverty AC (Stuff from it read TOC R7)


Theory File