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Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty)

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Michael Bogaty

Hey! If you have any questions about these cases, the strategy behind them, or want me to put anything else up message me on Facebook or email me at [email protected]


I only read two ACs all topic. The unbroken one that I wrote all of is below, but I didn't feel comfortable putting up unbroken affs that I didn't write.

Airports aff: Harvard, States, Penn RR, and every round at TOC. I read a bunch of different versions of this, some with more or less theory spikes, some with some tricks added, some with k preempts, etc... If you're curious about specific versions I can try to find them. Most of the frontlines are included.

Util Aff: Blake, Lex, one round at states. Again, there were different versions.

Mexico Aff (Unbroken)

Edit: More stuff added

Neg stuff:

If you want to see anything else I read, I'd be happy to put it up.

AI disad: I read this a ton.

Levinas NC: Also read this a ton, including more or less every neg round at TOC.

UBI CP: Read pretty frequently as well.

Skep NC: I read this throughout my career. I omitted the frontlines, but left the table of contents with what frontlines existed.

Collective Bargaining CP: Read a bunch at Harvard/Penn

Cuba PTX DA: Cut before TOC, was planning on reading in a couple rounds but never did.

We had prepouts to a ton of affs and I'm not going to include all of them, but if there is a specific one you want to see, contact me and I can put it up.

Here was our topic specific theory file for Jan-Feb. I omitted any shells I did not personally write