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Hey! I hope you can learn something from the resources here! I also don't care if you just lift stuff. Frontlines, blocks, and underviews are omitted for the sake of future teammates and because I am lazy. I might put up some case negs and blocks and frontlines if I feel less lazy at some point and want to sort through the relevant stuff. Also for all of the Affs [particularly Levinas, Agonism, and Stock] cards we [[#|recycled]] through and the Aff changed for pretty much every round depending on opponent and judge so these were just sort of the baselines. If you have any questions/are looking for a particular card or position you can Facebook me at my name or email me at [email protected]
Jan Feb Affs
This was the Aff I read for the majority of the topic. Version 1 as a [[#|[[#|[[#|template]]]]]] was read Newark RR r7 and Newark r5. Version 2 as a template was read Newark Octas, Lexington r2, Lexington octas, Columbia r2, Columbia r4, all of Harvard RR, Harvard [[#|prelims]]. Version 3 was read in Harvard Elims and Penn RR r1.

This was a new Aff for TOC--I read it TOC r3 and TOC r5.

This Aff was a fun one! I read it Lexington r4, Columbia Octas, and TOC r1.

This Aff was what I read in front of more traditional or policy style judges. It was read Newark RR r1, Newark RR r3, Newark RR r5, Newark r1, Lexington r6, Columbia r5, and Penn r2.

Finally, this aff was read once (Newark r3). I included the slightly [[#|modified version]] of it that I read in a practice round once.

This was Topic Specific 1AR theory.

File of link turns to PICs/DAs and just stock topic Aff arguments.

Jan Feb Negs
This is our general case turn/hate speech file. Pretty thorough. I read cards from it every round pretty much.

This was the NC I read all topic and every neg round at TOC except [[#|Dubs]]. By far my favorite framework NC.

I read this NC a bunch too but gave up on it at the end of the topic because there were too many good turns.

I never read this NC and it still was sort of rough but I thought I'd put it up.

These were the PICs I ended up liking for TOC. I only read Tobacco and [[#|Cyber Bullying]] at TOC, but I read hate speech at Penn.

Topic Specific Theory File.

This NC strategy was one I liked to read if I had the judge for it. I took components from it also--didn't read the [[#|entire thing]].

This [[#|generic]] K was read some at [[#|Harvard]] RR and Newark RR and Newark.

Counterplan read Newark round 6.