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Scarsdale ET

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Next to all of the case headings (just what they were) I've put the rounds I ran the case if anyone cares. Not all of the cites are in the docs per se, so if you really want any of them or want to ask me any questions about the cases my email is [email protected]


Democracy Aff (unbroken*):

*I ran this from Emory through NDCA. I didn't run it at ToC, but it was an option for presets.

Distinction Aff (Round 1):

This didn't change much after MBA, so it's possible it's not the version I ran at ToC, but it's close. And yes it's very similar to the case Marcus and Ken ran last year.

Distinction/Util Switchup Aff (Round 4):

Black Market Aff (Round 5):

IMF Aff (Round 7 and Runoff):


Environment DA (Round 2):

Congo DA (Round 3):

Zimbabwe DA (Round 6, Octas):

War NC (unbroken):

China DA (unbroken):

T- Comprehensive Sanctions (Rounds 3 and 6)


From the look of all of these NCs, one might get the sense that I really enjoyed running DAs. I don't really advocate doing that/didn't really enjoy it, so I just don't want people to get the wrong impression from these. Feel free to email me if you want to know why (hint: it had to do with the topic).