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Ridge SK (Shankar Krishnan)

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Hello - this wiki helped me a lot when I was learning as a debater throughout my career. I hope people don't just steal cards and stuff; as others have said, the best way to learn is to cut your own cards. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] or fb message me.

I'm going to put all my stuff up here because I don't know what will be helpful; if there's anything you know I've read that you want me to put up here feel free to ask, I've probably just forgotten.

TOC 2017

Most TOC case specific neg prep was cut by Bailey Rung.
(read all aff rounds TOC and Harvard)
(R2 neg v West Ranch JW)
(R4 neg v Palo Alto CF)
(R5 neg v Brentwood WJ)

TOC 2016

(I'll try to find a more updated version)

I also think traditional LD debate is very valuable and thought I might as well put these things up here in case they are useful to anyone

NSDA 2017

Huge thank you to Raffi Piliero for all of his help and prep for elims of this tournament.

NSDA 2016

NCFL 2017

(to be updated)

NCFL 2016

(to be updated)

NCFL 2015

(to be updated)


2016-17 Regular Season


(Newark all rounds; tip: don't prep on the bus to a tournament)
(Newark, Harvard, all rounds except R5 Harvard)
(R5 Harvard)


(Scarsdale all rounds)
(only NC read all topic)


(probs the best topic specific K cards I've found ever Sean Fahey can attest to it)
(only NC read all topic; it was actually fun trying to apply this to every aff)

2015 - 16 Regular Season



(read at Newark and Harvard)
(tricks aff; don't remember if it was broken)
(cut by Jack Wilson; read throughout Harvard)
(cut by myself and Bailey Rung; read at Harrison RR)
(cut by myself and Jack Wilson; contains the infamous Connolly '13 apriori; read at Harrison RR)


(my favorite aff of all time; Nina demolished it)
(read most of the topic)


(my favorite tricks aff; I read this all of sophomore year as well)
(inspired by Centennial KK)
(good times)


I'm going to separate these by style rather than topic; its probably more helpful:

General Prep Files

(if debate was my life, this would be my life's work)
(cut this sophomore year at NSD; read it senior year in the bid round at Scarsdale)


(read sophomore year, maybe once junior year; don't remember)
(sophomore year)


(I definitely paraphrased the work of Jack Wilson for this one)
(I have no clue why I made this I have used it exactly 0 times hopefully somebody will find a use for it)