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Rancho Bernardo PK (Paras Kumar)

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Attached are all the cases I read on Jan/Feb my senior year (juveniles and adults charged with violent felonies ought to be treated the same in the CJS). If you want practice implementing this type of stuff, check out my site: debatedrills.com


I have a net benefits and arbitrary age aff I read from CPS - Voices RR that I can share if anyone is interested. Just email me.
Rd 2 ToC
Rd 4, 6, and run off ToC
Rd 8 + Octos ToC

Pretty much every neg round on the topic except finals of Harker
Never ran this
Never ran this

I have very in-depth theory files for PICs bad, Plans Bad/Plans Good, RVI's good/bad, and AFC good/bad. I feel uncomfortable posting all of it here--email me if you have specific questions on any of those debates and I'd be happy to help you out.

[email protected]