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PV Peninsula HZ and DT (Henry Zhang and Daniel Tartakovsky)

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ToC 2013:

Participants: Henry Zhang, Daniel Tartakovsky, Akhil Jalan, Arjun Tambe

(TOC only)
(DT, AJ, AT)
(throughout the topic and at TOC)

(Unbroken; mostly designed to answer neg T)
(Read by HZ in 1 round; older versions read before TOC)
(HZ Round 7; TOC only)

(General strategies against crime affs)

ToC 2012:

Participants: Daniel Tartakovsky, Henry Zhang

We've included topic-specific things that we won't reuse next year; frameworks are removed, but the contentions for cases are there.

Everything posted is unformatted. If people want to use any of the cards or arguments, we think it's important that they read the articles and cut the cards down themselves. Hopefully this can be of some help.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected] or use facebook.

(DT - ToC prelims)
(HZ - ToC prelims)
(ToC prelims, octas)
(ToC prelims)
(Throughout the topic, domestic violence T unbroken)