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New Trier PT (Patrick Tolan)

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I debated for NT for four years and read almost exclusively policy arguments. A lot of the things I would normally post here might still be used. I have no clue how to post stuff on here so just message me on facebook and I'll send you some cool stuff I did, but you'll see most of it on my wikis.

Junior year: aff https://hsld17.debatecoaches.org/New%20Trier/Tolan%20Aff neg https://hsld17.debatecoaches.org/New%20Trier/Tolan%20Neg

Senior year: aff https://hsld18.debatecoaches.org/New%20Trier/Tolan%20Aff neg https://hsld18.debatecoaches.org/New%20Trier/Tolan%20Neg