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Mountain View MM (Max McCarthy)

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Here's what I was running at TOC and throughout the JF2012 topic. I'm posting my cases on the basis that a) the CircuitDebater wiki has helped me tremendously, b) I think that a norm of post-topic disclosure should be promoted as an alternative to disclosure on the NDCA wiki during the topic, and c) I hope they'll be of help to younger debaters. As a caveat, this is not intended to be a place for you to steal args/cards from, and I think that it would behoove you tremendously to read the articles/books from which they come before attempting to implement similar strategies yourself.

(Run at all JF tournaments except TOC)
(TOC R1, R4)
(TOC R6)
(Prepared for TOC but never run)
(TOC R2, R3)
(TOC R3)
(TOC R2, but run as a turn)

This list is probably incomplete as I'm only uploading cases/arguments that I wrote myself.