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Millard North GB (Grant Brown)

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Hey! I'm Grant and I debated for 3 years at Millard North in Omaha, Nebraska. Below are a collection of full-text disclosure of arguments I read throughout my career with a particular focus on positions read at the TOC.

2016-2017 (Free Speech)

For the third time, I think this is an awesome place to help out others in the community. TOC 2017 was my last debate tournament, but I'll probably be around to coach and judge. If anyone has any questions/needs access/anything else: [email protected] I've omitted most if not all analytics because people should do their own work and understand arguments. But, I left the headers in there so people can see my frontline process (I almost exclusively used analytical frontlines).


Read every affirmative round at the TOC.

Unbroken - was intended to be read in TOC outrounds.

Read every affirmative round at Blake.


All of our negative strategies were part of larger files I had cut throughout the year and for TOC - they had tons of different links, impacts, alternatives, framing mechanisms, and analytical frontlines/extensions. I compiled the cards we actually read and posted them in the file format.

Read different versions of this rounds 2/4/6 at TOC.

Read throughout the year and in Octos/Quarters/Sems of TOC.

Specific counterplan we cut for R4.

Read at Blake and throughout the year

Generics read throughout the topic, mostly as case turns. Includes an FKJ countermethod/case-turn.


These are the affirmatives I read on other topics - they may be helpful for understanding certain literature bases or having more examples.

Read Sept-Oct at the Valley RR and Tournament

Broke Round 6 at Valley

Wrote the night before elims and broke in Octos of Valley against Nina.

Read throughout Dec-Nov at Apple Valley and GBX

Broke Round 7 of GBX and read at locals - this aff actually has a topical plan!

These are some topic-specific negative strategies on other topics.

Broke R6 of the Valley RR against Raffi - pretty fun and specific topic research for sept-oct.

Broke these R3 at Apple Valley - read parts of them throughout nov-dec, especially on the local circuit.

2015-2016 (Gun Control)

Once again, as I said last year - this website helped me a ton when I was learning all the nuances to LD debate. I continue to think this is an amazing pedagogical forum, and am glad to see it's proliferation and more people putting their stuff up.

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Attached are most of the positions I read a the TOC or Harvard (the two Jan-Feb tournaments I attended). I'm omitting a fair amount, because I cut a ton of links or case cards that I never broke, and I will almost certainly used them my Senior year. If you really want specific cites or PDFs for things you've heard I've read but haven't posted, let me know - some of the books are quite esoteric and hard to access.

Most of the stuff I read throughout the year was considered "high-theory" (whatever that means) - so honestly if you have any questions about the content of the arguments, feel free to facebook/email me and I can help explain some thoughts behind it.

Every aff round at TOC

Every aff round at Harvard/Harvard RR

Every aff round locally/non-circuit

Hylomorphism R2 TOC, then it got mixed with some Queerness and general Deleuzean/Guattarian stuff for the rest, Queerness every tournament throughout the year.

Semiocapitalism was read every neg round at the Harvard RR/most rounds at Harvard (warning - it's Baudrillardian, which always means it could be wrong - or horribly right)

2014-2015 (Living Wage)

This website helped me a lot my freshman year, and without it I wouldn't be where I am today, or on the track I am for the future. I think this is a fantastic pedagogical forum, and I hope it continues and grows.If you have any questions or conversations, email me at [email protected] I mean that, I was always anxious and scared of emailing the "good" debaters, please if you have questions get in contact with me.

Attached here is the only position I read all seven rounds of the TOC, I had a modified shortened version for the negative, but it was the same argument and substance. Try to read the introduction if you look at the argument. I leave you with a quote from a man that has paradoxically shaped my life greatly:

Gradually it has become clear to me what every great philosophy so far has been - namely, the personal confession of its author and a kind of involuntary and unconscious memoir; also that the moral (or immoral) intentions in every philosophy constituted the real germ of life from which the whole plant had grown.
-Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil