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Mercer Island SA

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Mercer Island SA -- Steven Adler

I post my cases here with the hope that they will help up-and-coming debaters learn how to structure cases better. I do ask, however, that you do not lift directly from these cases: taking cards/analytics/etc. won't help you win rounds, and it's disrespectful to the debaters posting their cases as a service to the community. Feel free to draw inspiration from my arguments, but please do not just copy and paste the material.


rationality ac4.doc Blake through VBT/Emory (different updated versions)
ss ac2.doc MBA Round Robin
due proc ac4.docx Federal Way through NDCA (different updated versions)
juv dp ac3.docx Golden Desert through Voices Round Robin (different updated versions)
juv dp ac4.docx TOC Prelims + Run-off Round
stt2 ac.docx TOC Octas
essent ac.docx Unbroken


I don't think I read a Neg case in any round at the TOC (maybe once), but here are the different Neg cases I have written from throughout the topic. Mostly I just generated turns off the AC, so you probably shouldn't view these as indicative of my strategy on the topic, but here are the full cases I could find:

social contract neg.docx Stanford Octas through TOC R2
soft on crime ptx da.docx NDCA
disenfranch nc 2.0.docx Unbroken
deter and restore cp.docx VBT through Stanford
superpredators disco da.docx Blake through NDCA
miranda rights pic.docx Blake through MBA Round Robin
restorative cp.docx Blake through Emory