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Loyola Blakefied TC (Tom Cameron)

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I've removed some of the theory/interp stuff so that my teammates can keep using it next year if they like.

I know people usually post about not taking stuff since this is here for learning, but go ahead and take whatever you want. Just make sure that you understand the arguments well if want to succeed with them. I won rounds by understanding interaction better than other people on the arguments in the AC.

My NC's consisted of skep arguments from the prelims AC, and an analytic deont NC. I'm not going to bother putting the deont NC on here because it's all my analysis save for the common "skep negates" cards by Deni Elliot and Richard Joyce. If anyone has questions, send them to tcam1225[at]gmail.com.

In Octs against Henry, I read some skep cards, a frontline to skep bad, and a floating conditional CP that fiated solvency.

In Quarters against Regan, I read another version of the skep AC the terminated in things being subjectively permissible.