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Hi All, I'm Nirmal.

This was a very helpful resource for me when I was learning about circuit arguments and different types of stuff that I was uncomfortable with. I thought it'd be helpful if I released some of my prep. Obviously, this isn't just meant for people to take cards and arguments and use them, but rather they should try to learn from the structure and strategy of different arguments and the files that were used to create them. Major thanks to Tomasi, Reed Weiler, Kaushal Balugurusamy for all the help with prep. Good Luck and Have Fun! Message me on FB or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thanks!

Aff Prep

(Broke at Harrison RR, some rounds at TOC, Didn't break CIA + Prisons Advantage)
(Most Topic Specific Prep)
(TOC R6)
(Emory Octos)
(All Harvard Prelims)

(Broke Emory R6, Harvard Trips, TOC R1)
(Didn't Break)

(All Newark Aff Rounds)

Neg Prep (most generics have been uploaded, case negs written during the TOC were not because we had them disorganized. Unfortunately, didn't get to read many of the case negs but they were super effective with understanding different parts of the topic)