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Lake Highland Prep MK & AA (Muhammad Khattak & Ari Azbel)

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Contrary to popular belief, we only larp. We have been lying all along and you have been eating the lies we feed you. Now we feed you the truth. The disad. The counter plan. NOT the alternative. This is also the prep we had coming into the 2017 NDT.

Mar-Apr 2017: Housing

We didn't think it was worth writing a case negative to every aff, so we threw together a generic Agamben Kritik file

Jan-Feb 2017: College Free Speech

These consist of some of our case negative positions for the 1nc
We enjoyed frontloading a disad or two at the Emory Barkley Forum for High School Debate
Generic arg we consistently went for

Nov-Dec 2016: Qualified Immunity

Aff read at Apple Valley & Princeton
Aff read at Blue Key
Strong link uniquenessssss

Sep-Oct 2016: Nuclear Power

Affirmative we read at Valley and Greenhill
For case negative to military aff
Read against Armenia 1ac
Read almost every round at Greenhill
Read almost every round at Greenhill
Read Yale R6 by Lake Highland Prep AA
This was the 1nc
We liked having a strong CP in the bag for neg flex

Serious note:
Circuit debater page has helped us a lot our freshman and sophomore years, so we thought we'd give back the topic prep we've done this year. A lot of our neg strats earlier in the year consisted of disads and generic Ks. We were also more inclined to debating utily stuff at Apple Valley and Blue Key during November-December. These files consist of our gen strats on those topics and mini-briefs on how the arguments work and the general strategy in going for them. We hope you find it educational!
Thanks to our coaches (Notably Martin for all of the DA/CP stuff) and teammates (Steve, Rithvik, Julia, Sachin, Suzie, Melissa, innumerable folks) for helping us compile these files.