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La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad)

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I, like many others, found this wiki insanely helpful when I debated. That being said, I'm no longer attached to any of the work I did, so please feel free to take what you want and use it as you will. Much of it was done with varying levels of attention, so it would behoove you to go through and edit what you find useful. You'll better understand the arguments and you'll save yourself from the embarrassment of reading arguments whose incoherence is attributable to my carelessness or fatigue. For things not posted here, check my NDCA wiki (http://hsld.debatecoaches.org/bin/La+Jolla/WebHome). You can email me if you have any questions or want the original source for articles at [email protected] Enjoy!

Afghanistan AC (TOC Quarters)
Always Ready AC (Stanford Semis)
Chile AC (TOC R2)
Don Carson Bone AC (Stanford triples, variant read by Carlbrook CB TOC R5)
Fracking AC (TOC R7)
Lexington 5-0 AC (variants read TOC R5 and R3)
Son of Jacob and Leah AC (Harvard RR R1, variants read throughout the topic afterward)

Ozamataz Buckshank NC (Stanford Finals, numerous rounds afterwards)
Twin Cities NC (Blake, VBT)

Revenue Distribution CP (Kandi King RR R4, Harvard R6)

Chile Mining DA (Unbroken)
China DA (Various neg rounds throughout J/F)
India Phosphate DA (Blake Finals)
North Korea REM DA (Unbroken)
Saudi Oil DA (Battle for LA RR R4)
Russian Oil DA (Kandi King RR R4)

Asian Identity Politics K (TOC Octas)
Foucault Counter K (Unbroken)

Off Case:
Intrinsic Value Off (TOC R6)
Util Off (TOC R1)

Everything I ran on January/February and at TOC 2013 is on my NDCA wiki.

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