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Interlake MW (Megan Wu)

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hey, i'm megan! i debated for interlake (in washington state) from 2015-2019, debated on the circuit for 2.5 years, and qualified to the toc as a senior.

i had things on here but took them off because i'm not okay with nsd being advertised on this website.

if you are a small school/independent debater and want to see the files i had posted, send me an email at [email protected] here are the things i'd posted:

  • benhabib plan ac from so18
  • butler plan ac from jf19
  • markovits kant-ish ac from toc 19
  • rousseau ac from jf 18
  • sen ac from alta 17
  • at nebel t from so18
  • theory at westview
  • bierria k (i never got to read it but it's great)
  • white house reporter pic from so18
  • my nebel t masterfile
  • must spec court ruling vs hwl court aff so18