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Interlake AL (Alisa Liu)

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I don't have much to leave here, since most topic-specific prep probably won't be too useful, so here are some generics, cases that I'm proud of, and other arguments that I think are particularly valuable to read and understand. All the work here is my own, but huge thanks to Varun and Xave for entertaining my endless debate thoughts & questions.
Always be learning. :)



  • Phil role of the ballot, answers to common K role of the ballot justifications, and other handy NC v K Aff interaction

  • For fun I write answers to util, so here we are
  • Some of this stuff is pretty old though, and some answers to specific cards might be incoherent without an understanding of the original arguments

  • I wrote this as a ToC gimmick but there's a lot of potential

  • Theoretical defense of a strategic and educational Neg strat: CP uncondo under Aff framework, status quo uncondo under Neg framework

  • I wrote a pretty comprehensive 1AR file to defend the Rousseau Aff against Tthese are the re-usable generics, such as a T-specific reasonability brightline and reasons why semantics are generally irrelevant and harmful

Some Jan/Feb positions:

Important arguments that are somewhat topic-specific but have re-usable contentI encourage you to take a look:

  • Specific to Sep/Oct Aff that bans female genital cutting in Africawhile critique of harmful practices in other cultures is important, it's crucial that we attend to their cultural content and resist a tone of moral superiority

  • Specific to Loyola's Sep/Oct Aff that defends the adolescent right to make autonomous medical choices in Chinathe Aff plan may be good, but we take issue with its diminishing portrayal and total rejection of Confucianism

  • Specific to Sep/Oct Aff that defends the adolescent right to make autonomous medical choices regarding hormone suppression therapy

  • The Lyng link engages any position that prescribes the healthcare system as the source of liberation, and the Siebler link is specific to the Aff described above

  • Specific to Nov/Dec Aff that defends jury nullification when the alternative is imprisoning queer and trans people