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Heritage DM (David Min)

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Big shoutouts and lots of love to the Scarsdale Seniors for sharing prep with me, and Neal Kapoor and David Branse for coaching me. I definitely would not have had the same level of success without all of you supporting me throughout the year. I didn't go to the TOC this year so the amount of prep that I have is much less than many other debaters on the circuit. This is just a glimpse into my 2016-2017 dropbox, but I hope it is still of some use to you all. I omitted some of my framework arguments because I am probably going to recycle them, but the citations are all on the NDCA wiki.

Shoutout to Ariel, Anna Khattak, Krithik, Wesley, and my Heritage squad. You're all a big reason why debate is still fun yuhhh