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hi i'm angela zhong! did ld for 4 years, qualified to the toc my senior year. feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions! i only uploaded what was purely mine which is why some of the docs seem incomplete/badly formatted.

disclaimer: i could not for the life of me win a rd reading a k-aff (boo impact justified frameworks) but i included the niche ones i wrote because i felt like there weren't a lot of examples of that branch of literature

thank you to zach for keeping this site up : )


nd19 larp: CD - ND19 - AC - Soot Up.docx

so19 hardt and negri/empire: CD - SO19 - Hardt On.docx

so19 pragmatism: CD - SO19 - Prag.docx my go-to aff fw and estensions; you can find offense for other topics on my wiki

ma19 larp: content warning for abortion, sexual assault, non-graphic depictions of violence: CD - MA19.docx

so18 yancy: Cd - so18 - ac - don't shoot.docx

nd17 / bonus round / my first ever natcir aff for the mems : ') content warning for non-graphic mentions of violence, drowning AC Refugee.docx

neg agamben file (somewhat compiled off of college wikis + extensions) K - agamben.docx