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Hey these are some of my fully disclosed cases and some stuff that I didn't break (or at least the one's that I thought were cool) for those interested. Here's a link to my wiki as well! If you have any questions at all about cases or sources feel free to email me ([email protected]) or add me on facebook.

p.s. sorry for poor formatting on the cases from 2014-2015, I hadn't figured out how to make debate pretty yet.

Nov/Dec 2014 (Right to be Forgotten)
Revenge Porn AC (Every aff round at Glenbrooks and one round at Isadore Newman)
AT Wilderson - Wilderson Spectacle K (Went for this specific Wilderson K one round at glenbrooks and thought it was fun)

TOC 2014-2015 Season (Living Wage)
Object Oriented Ontology AC (Every TOC aff round)
Baudrillard Labor K (TOC Round 2 v Harrison AG)
AT Islamophobia - Cap K (TOC Round 5 v Bronx Sci DR)

Sept/Oct 2016 (Adolescent Autonomous Medical Choices)
(Read throughout Holy Cross and the Holy Cross Round Robin)
(Read most rounds throughout Holy Cross and the Holy Cross Round Robin)
(Read a few rounds at Holy Cross)
NovDec 2016 (Jury Nullification)
(Read throughout the Glenbrooks/Isidore Newman, was super cool)
(Read in outrounds of Isidore Newman, I had read some literature on black anarchism and thought that legal realism could work with it - it did.)
(Read this in response to the super popular "queer nullification" AC a bunch)
(Read this most neg rounds on the topic)
(Read this in Newman finals)

JanFeb 2016 (Handguns - TOC Cases Included)
(Every TOC/Emory aff round - the version for Emory was slightly different)
(Read this some rounds at Emory)
(Read this one round at the TOC, planned to read it more but ecopessimism was too cool)
(Read this the rest of my neg rounds at the TOC, it was one of my favorite arguments)
(Read this with ecopess at TOC as sort of squirrelly defense against the perm, also it's a hilarious disad)
(Unbroken - there was evidence from this in the Baudrillard K because it worked well, but I never read this even though we prepped it around Emory and updated it for TOC)
(Unbroken - this was a TOC response to plans that banned handguns for people with certain criminal offenses)
(Unbroken - this was a disad we prepped to throw people off at TOC, but it turned out to probably not have inherency. Still was funny.)
(Unbroken - just a good elections disad file that I never broke, elections + baudrillard probably doesn't make much sense)