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BASIS Scottsdale CD (Connor Davis)

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Hey, I've been looking forward to disclosing stuff on here for years now. This really was helpful to me as a younger debater starting out in circuit debate. Obviously I realize some of you are going to just take cards and analytics, but it's probably not in your best interest unless you really really know the argument (which recutting the card or rewriting the analytic will do for you). I really think disclosure is a good norm, and disclosing after you're done with TOC is a better one, so I'm going to disclose all my Jan-Feb prep (s/o to Kirk Wu and Ishan Timalsina). Also, for TOC I shared prep with Brentwood, so check Jackson's wiki too.

If you have any questions or want my advice on anything message me on facebook or send me an email at connordavis17 at gmail.com or condavis at umich.edu. This wiki was really helpful, so I'd love to give back any way I can.

(Ran though CPS, so troll I love it)
(R2 at TOC)
(Early on through the topic, Stanford, was the A-strat in race-debates at TOC)
(Didn't break this specific form, but wrote it for Ishan at NDCA and Jared Paul at TOC, might as well include it)
(Throughout Golden Desert)

(Kept meaning to break but never got around to it, think it's a pretty good FW though)
(R3 and R6 at TOC)
(R6 at TOC cause that military Competitiveness DA is so messed up)

(This was my ace in the hole while negating. I will admit it's probably not good for debate, but it's not a NIB, at least for the aff at least (it probably affirms trivially, but nobody ever engaged in it substantively so it essentially negated)
(Probably ran this a few times, but wasn't crazy about it)
(Ran this in like 90% of neg rounds)
(Against Prison Affs)

(Some shells for the TOC)
(All throughout the topic #truargs)
(Some random rounds where I wanted a T violation)
(Against the Municipality AC... on this note, check out Jackson's wiki for the Municipality T which I ran R1 and R5)