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B&K Prep KJ (Kati Johnson)

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Hello folx:)

I debated for three years, two of which were as a homeschooled student where I acted as my own coach and program. "B&K" stands for Bernie and Kati--> Bernie is my car and the only consistent form of help I received in debate. He brought me everywhere I needed to go:,) I'm a three-time TFA state qualifier (earning over 60 points) and I qualified to NSDA nats freshman year at my old school. I made it to two bid rounds of the three nat circ tournaments I could afford to go to my senior year, and am currently coaching some UDL policy teams + a few other low-income kiddos.

This page was really helpful in showing me what was possible in debate, and I just wanted to contribute to that. I wasn't the most stacked debater in regards to accomplishments, but I did engage in the space in a nontraditional fashion, so I felt that I needed to put my stuff here. The cases that I put up are the ones I felt were the least "normal." I could post my other strats, but I know that other people on here cut way better Deleuze and such. As one of the only ndn debaters, I wanted to put this up in case there were others like me who felt quite lost in this game. If this is you, hmu for any form of help, college can be quite boring:)

If you want to read my arguments, be sure to double check that we share an identity/similar positionality. Everything I read in debate was a survival strategy, and it would make me really sad if my ghosts were being conjured to merely win a ballot. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments or whatever (whether that be about debating alone or the cases themselves): [email protected]

Sept/Oct: Confidential Sources

1AC: Poetic Intervention [S/O]

Jan/Feb: US Aid

1AC: Poetic Intervention [J/F]

1NC: Poetic Intervention [J/F]

CP: Ban the Yts

K: Cruel Optimism

March/April: that really insensitive and casually racist topic

[keep criminalizing Black and Brown folx for being Black or Brown or pretend that you're a part of the public sphere and it'll help you]

1AC: The Séance