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Apple Valley PH (Prince Hyeamang)

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Hi! Below I have provided content in preparation for TOC my junior and senior year (2015 & 2016). TOC was the only Jan-Feb topic I debated my senior year. To make matters worse, I had to replace my computer shortly after HS so I a lost of the files I wanted to put up. So in the truest sense, this page isn't wholly reflective of the arguments I ran since I produced a lot of round-specific speech docs where most of my policy and K neg arguments were compilated. Nonetheless, I think these files are primarily beneficial for looking at casing strategy, document production, and research approaches but use as you wish. As always, the strategy is more important than any particular argument anyways. If you want to learn how to apply these arguments, check out the following: DebateDrills - That is how you can reach me as well if you have any questions about these positions!

Also, please refer to my archived NDCA wiki LD pages if you're looking for other arguments. I think I posted quite a bit full-text. And please excuse any typos and grammar, etc.

2016 Jan-Feb Handguns
Prince Hyeamang 1AC.docx Read most rounds, can't find the other aff I read but cites on the NDCA wiki 2016 page

2015 Jan-Feb Living Wage
Adjunct Professors Plan.docx Broken and read for one round of TOC
The Intersect AC.docx Read most of TOC
Mary Elizabeth Bartowski AC.docx Don't remember reading but I wrote it and my teammates read it quite a bit.
TOC Topicality File.docx
LPP Fairness NC.docx
Rawls NC.docx
Steven J Bartowski NC.docx
Ted Roark NC.docx
A2 Brentwood Rawls AC.docx
A2 Newark Kingsian Aff.docx Unbroken