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Hebron AS (Aashir Sanjrani)

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[Insert appreciation for circuit debater helping me as a novice]- Basically im a jr at Hebron High School, and I wanted to make this page when I graduated however Im not doing LD anymore so lets just get this over with- basically debate for me was centered around my appreciation for Ks, many of these Strats are recut however I feel if some more ppl look into it mayb they can come back? If your interested in baudrillard you can take a look, outside of that if your tryna steal cards I feel that too so enjoy!

I open Sourced for most the year:

Aff: https://hsld.debatecoaches.org/Hebron/Sanjrani%20Aff

Neg: https://hsld.debatecoaches.org/Hebron/Sanjrani%20Neg

Here are files I enjoyed reading this year (exclusively baudrillard)- obviously all blocks have been omitted so y'all do your own work, however I left the spaces for the FW blocks bc I find that some LDers dont know about the massive differences between T and FW and the interactions with a K-aff, so obviously you can write what you want but I suggest you at least have answers to the args that are included.

Non-T Aff: T - Curriculum.docx

Generic Neg Strat: 1NC - Generic B-boy bullshit.docx

For the honest part of this- I stopped reading these args towards the end of the year, mayb my args just weren't persuasive (I realize the irony), but I found that I didn't have a lot of success with baudrillard even though I thoroughly enjoyed running it.

oh also I totally fucks with emails and shit so you can email questions to [email protected], or Facebook me (Aashir Sanjrani) either way is fine