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Hey guys, I'm Asher - I mass downloaded docs off of here for prep when I was a sophomore lmaooooo so I figured I'd give back and upload the prep that I did. I'm on DebateDrills and have everything I've ever read opensourced on my wiki. I'll only be uploading the work I personally did. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!

All of my school codes: La Salle AT, Stanford OHS AT, Stanford Online AT, Crescenta Valley AT

All the initials I've used so far for card cutting: LS-AT, OHS-AT, ash

Special thanks to Tej Gedela, Rex Evans, Jason Chan, Ishan Bhatt, Ethan Elasky, Whit Jackson, and Raffi Piliero for the dope prep and Nina Potischman for theory/phil files + being all around awesome

In exchange for my docs please stream Fancy we aiming for 100m


JanFeb - Military Aid

I LOVED this topic


My two main affs were Saudi and Uganda, sadly can't upload since I wasn't the one that did the prep for those two

JanFeb Israel AC.docx

Never got the chance to break sadly


JanFeb OSPEC.docx

JanFeb Egypt DAs.docx

Westlake EE cut a few cards/creds to Enloe TG for highlighting

JanFeb Israel DAs.docx

Couple of short disads that we didn't really read

JanFeb Tajikistan Terror DA.docx

JanFeb Bahrain Fifth Fleet DA.docx

JanFeb Kenya PIC.docx

I cut this towards the beginning of the topic, didn't have much strategic value later on

JanFeb IMET PIC.docx

Planned on being my a-strat at TOC, credits to Arcadia JC (Jason Chan) and Enloe TG (Tej Gedela) for a lot of work done here

JanFeb IMET Virtue Ethics NC.docx

Sadly never broken either :(

JanFeb Azerbaijan Case Neg.docx



JanFeb Card File .docx

Personal Theory File .docx

You know me - my favorite part of circuitdebater was downloading theory files so here are the shells that I broke/some disclosure shells since everyone should read them and spread good norms

NovDec - Right to Know

Only went to one tournament this topic lol, not complaining since the topic sucked


NovDec New Zealand AC.docx

Literally cut in one night before a bid round - lots of issues with it obviously but I thought it was decent for something I did in a few hours lol

Credit to Interlake MW (Megan Wu) for helping w/ frontlines for T - right to privacy


NovDec T Democracy.docx

NovDec Farm Bill DA.docx

NovDec States CP.docx

NovDec Amendment CP.docx

NovDec Genetics PIC.docx

Was most proud of this PIC, creds to Enloe TG (Tej Gedela) for highlighting cuz I hate that part of cutting cards lol

NovDec Lib NC.docx

Syllogism/lots of frontlines were just from Oakwood JW (Jack Wareham)

NovDec Virtue Ethics NC.docx

Syllogism/some frontlines were from Hunter NP and Oakwood JW, I mainly just did the contention offense lol

NovDec Catalonia Case Neg.docx


NovDec Card File.docx

Unfinished thoughts/cards cut when the topic was released

SepOct - Reporter's Privilege


SepOct Student Reporters AC.docx

Wrote with Westlake EE (Ethan Elasky), only read once in a bid round but wish I could've more

SepOct AT Terror DA.docx

Some cards lifted from Brentwood lol


SepOct Case Answers.docx

I organized the file/cut some of the cards but credits also go to the rest of DebateDrills/people I shared prep with at VBI

SepOct Terror DA.docx

Most of the credit goes to Westlake EE/Harvard Westlake for card cutting, I mainly just organized the file lol


SepOct Card File .docx

Random workspace for some cards I cut early on in the season that didn't have a spot anywhere, half aren't even finished lol