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Hi, I'm Zach. I debated for Scarsdale High School '21 and broke at the TOC as a junior and senior. As the Scarsdale team worked together to develop many positions, I just posted what I most directly worked on. My senior year wiki can be found here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!



File:JF21 - AC - Intuitions.docx

This was the main aff that I read during TOC. Though many people thought that the framework was silly, I thought it was actually a very strategic aff. There were many different spins you could put on the framework depending on how your opponent responded that made it very versatile. For instance, the meta-ethic was an easy way to win the framework but it was certainly viable to concede the metaethic is wrong but still win through other justifications.

As an aside, I had an unbroken Existentialism AC that I never got to read at TOC, but I decided not to post it here since I didn't write most of it.

File:JF21 - AC - Levinas.docx

This was the aff to read against kritiks before the TOC.

File:JF21 - AC - Virtue Ethics.docx

This was another option of an aff to read for JanFeb.


File:JF21 - NC - Contracts.docx

This was a fun NC. You could go for it in the 2NR as a framework or easily trigger skepticism which was useful because the offense wasn't the strongest.

File:JF21 - NC - Determinism.docx

My favorite tricky position of my career. Determinism is very hard to respond to, and it won me too many rounds.

File:JF21 - NC - Hobbes.docx

Standard Hobbes NC.

File:JF21 - NC - Kant.docx

Standard Kant NC.

File:JF21 - NC - Levinas.docx

Though Levinas AC was far more popular this topic, I think it actually negated. I don't believe I ever got to break this NC though.

File:JF21 - NC - Pragmatism.docx

Here was a simpler NC that I could read during some rounds for variety. This framework isn't probably as robust against stronger frameworks, though.


File:JF21 - PIC - Cats.docx

This was possibly the strongest position I cut during my career.



File:ND20 - AC - Existentialism.docx

This aff was used against kritiks.

File:ND20 - AC - Virtue Ethics.docx

I read this aff frequently most rounds.


File:ND20 - NC - Hobbes.docx

Your standard Hobbes NC.

File:ND20 - NC - Kant.docx

Your standard Kant NC.



File:SO20 - AC - Virtue Ethics.docx

This aff, I read pretty much every round in SO. It did pretty well against util and other phil, but poorly against kritiks.

File:SO20 - AC - Pragmatism.docx

This aff, I believe, was not broken. But, I wrote it in case I needed to read it against various kritiks in important rounds.


File:ND20 - NC - Hobbes.docx

Your standard Hobbes NC.

File:ND20 - NC - Kant.docx

Your standard Kant NC.



CD20 - AC - IndoPak.docx

Yes, a lot of the cards in this aff were taken from other people, but I spent many hours frontlining it and cutting cards on my own. Too bad I never read it at TOC.

CD20 - AC - Existentialism.docx

I read this aff all rounds at TOC. Lots of fun. I also included different versions of the aff based on the anticipated style of my opponent.


CD20 - NC - Rawls.docx

This NC I also read a decent amount at TOC. My favorite strat was to go NC AC (which I think is strategic in general). It also includes a nice brief section explaining what constitutes the original position.



CDND19AC Coal.docx

Here is a showcase of my (in)ability to cut a policy position.



CDSO19AC Policy.docx

I tried.

CDSO19AC Existentialism.docx

My first attempt at a phil AC.


CDSO19NC Hobbes.docx

Worse-than-standard Hobbes NC.